Head of IRIB-CNR Unit at Mangone (CS) in charge of the Third Mission and Communication and Part-time lecturer of “Psychophysiology” and “Translational Neuroscience” at University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro. I’m a scientific writer for several popular magazines and some of his books have also been translated into other countries, such as China. Author and co-author of more than 160 publications index in MedLine [H-Index: 45], I’ve received several International awards and a national prize for science dissemination.

I think of myself as a curious person who loves to get in touch with different realms and ways of thinking, aimed at disseminating knowledge, following the neuroscience thought. My expertise is characterized by a broad background in neurobiology and neurophysiology of neurological and psychiatric disorders, with specific training in neuropsychology.

During my Ph.D., scientific interest veered strongly towards imaging genetics to understand how genes may influence human behavior and neuroanatomy. Next, my researches moved towards the neural basis of cognitive neurorehabilitation in neurodegenerative diseases and acquired brain injury

I love to collaborate with engineers for developing algorithms of artificial intelligence applied to neuroscience and to evaluate the impact of robotic devices on neural plasticity. Last but not least, my later field of interest concerns Positive Psychology, a broad neuroscientific field focused on mental health and well-being

Overall, I can define myself as a Translational Neuroscientist

In 2020, I was included in the list of Top Italian Scientists ( Ranking n° 229

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